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The Power of the Mind is Infinitely measured!!!

Mental Health 

Our Mental Health and well being is very vital to our everyday expression.  Many of us struggle with maintaining good mental health.  I too have my struggles.  Anxiety has been a battle that I have been fighting from time to time.  When anxiety strikes, it falls upon me like a powerful storm I get a feeling as if I am closed in and trapped. That feeling of anxiousness is something that takes a whole of my life at that point in time and sometimes can be paralyzing for that moment.  But what I learned as I go through the storm of anxiety, is that within in it is a calmness that I find, and then there is comfort and security.  So I started to focus less on the discomfort of the storm of anxiety, and to focus more on the victory at the dissipation of the storm. In doing so, my anxiousness would subside.




We are all in this Mental Health  battle together.  Our ultimate goal is to

establish good Mental Health.  However, in doing so, we have to create the

atmosphere to help all who have Mental Health struggles.  I am sharing some of the things that I utilize to help me with my Mental Health Challenges.  This site is geared to provide a few things that I use to help with these challenges.  But there are so many other things that can be done, but for now I am starting here!!!  

Some of the things that I do to help me with my struggles are: exercising, taking slow and control deep breathes, visualizing something that calms me, talking to someone and also petting my dog shadow!!


Below you will see and hear some things that I listen to that helps and the inspiring selection on the menu bar as well.


See The Light

The Revelation

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